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Antalya Port - Antalya

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Lat : 36  50’ 00” N      Long : 30  36’ 41” E

Port Management

Ortadogu Antalya Liman Isletmeleri A.S.

Phones: +90.242.259 13 80

Fax : +90.242.259 13 57


Port Facility : Ortadogu Antalya Liman Isletmeleri A.S.

Statement No : 0207030

Level : 1

PFSA date : 09/07/2004

PFSO : Mr.Resit Ayhan Ciftci

Phones : +90.242.259 13 56


Compulsory. Pilotage services is carried out by Ortadogu Anyalya port

Overtime appliede after 2000hrs everyday.


Compulsory for vessels over 2000GRT

3 tug boats and 2 mooring boats are availiable



General Info

Port is serving to bulk, general cargo and containerized cargoes.

As it is located in the milde of touristic places in Med coast of Turkey, it is serving to passanger ships with its Passanger terminal.

A free zone is locared in the port.


Berths          Purpose                                 LOA      Draft

No1              General Cargo                        150 m     9,2 m

No2-3           General Cargo                       162 m     5,5 m

No4              General Cargo                          35 m      7,8m

No5              General Cargo / Container     140 m      7,4-8 m

No6-7           General Cargo / Container     320 m      9,2 m

No8              Passenger                               150 m      9,2 m

No9              Passenger                               220 m      9,2 m

No10            Grain                                     220 m      9,2 m

No11            Free Zone                               240 m     9,2 m



















· 8 units shore cranes with cap fm 5 to 25mt

· 8 units mobile cranes with cap fm 10mt to 100mt

· Several lifting cap forklifts

Working Hours

24 hours


Compulsory. Collected by port Management


Minor repairs can be arranged via agent


6700m2 closed warehouse

80000m2 open storage

Fresh Water

Availiable fm the quay


Availiable via agent


Availiable by truck only

Medical Facilities

State and Private Hospitals are available


The nearest international airport is Antalya Airport with an approx distance of 30km