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Black Sea Ports

Bartin Port—Bartin

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Lat : 41  41’ 13” N      Long : 32  13’ 33” E

Port Management

Bartin Municipality

Phones: +90.378.238 58 51


Port Facility : Bartin Municipality

Statement No : 0974127

Level : 1

PFSA date : 28/12/2004

PFSO : Mr.Yusuf Varnali

Phones: +90.378.238 58 51

Mobile : +90.533.774 38 84


Compulsory. Pilotage services is carried out by Bartin Municipality


Compulsory. Towage services is carried out by Bartin Municipality

Only 1 tugboat is available, 2nd tugboat is hired fm Zonguldak port



General Info

Port has 1 pier with loa of 480m

The max safe drat is 7,5m


The port is located 13km away fm Bartin city center. Bagged cement, steel products, lime, logs, flour is usually handled in this port.

Handling of the cargoes is performed by the contractors of the port

The port has 4 mobile cranes, lifting capacity 90-120 tons.


Several cap of forklifts and electronical weight bridge of 100mt cap is available


Due to the naval base located in the inner harbour vessels carrying dangerous cargoes, including chemicals carriers and tankers are prohibited.


Working Hours

24 hours a day in 3 shifts (08:00-16:30, 16:30-00:30, 00:30-08:00) 


Compulsory. Collected by port Management


Minor repairs can be arranged via agent


Open storage is available

Fresh Water

Availiable fm the quay


Availiable via agent


Not Availiable

Medical Facilities

State and Private Hospitals are available


The nearest international airport is Ýstanbul ataturk Airport or Ankara Esenboga Airport with an approx distance of 200km