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Isdemir Port—Iskenderun

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Lat : 36  43’ 33” N      Long : 36  11’ 31” E

Port Management

Iskenderun Demir ve Celik Fabrikalari T.A.S.

Phones: +90.326.756 40 40

Fax : +90.326.755 11 84


Port Facility : Iskenderun Demir ve Celik Fabrikalari T.A.S.

Statement No : 0531112

Level : 1

PFSA date : 27/07/2004

PFSO : Mr.Ertugrul Akkaya

Mobile : +90.326.758 53 80


Compulsory. Pilotage services is carried out by Isdemir


Compulsory. Towage services is carried out by Isdemir



General Info

Port is protected by two breakwaters of 1600 and 1100m.

The port entry width (dist between the breakwaters) is 325m

The port is the biggest dry bulk and general cargo port.


Berths          LOA      Draft         Max vsl tt cn berth

No1               500 m    18,5 m       160000 dwt

No2               240 m    12 m          50000 dwt

No3               260 m      8 m            8000 dwt

No4               220 m    13,5 m       55000 dwt

No5               200 m      13 m        55000 dwt

Dolphin         110 m      14 m       50000 dwt




















Working Hours

24 hours


Compulsory. Collected by port Management


Minor repairs can be arranged via agent


Berths          Equipments

No1               2 units shore crane with 50mt lift cap

No1               2 units conveyor belt with 1250mt/h cap

No2               5 units shore crane with 15mt lift cap

No3               4 units shore crane with 10mt lift cap

No4               Mobile cranes availiable

No5               Shore cranes of 55mt, 35mt, 28mt lift cap

Dolphin        500mt/h pumping cap line of 2km with 10” and 8” connection


Railway connaction to the pier#2,3,5



Open and closed storage availiable

Fresh Water

Availiable fm the quay


Availiable via agent


Availiable by truck only

Medical Facilities

State Hospital is available


The nearest international airport is Adana Sakirpasa Airport with an approx distance of  70km