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Izmir TCDD Port—Izmir

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Lat : 38  26’ 48”N      Long : 27  09’ 51” E

Port Management

TCDD Liman İşletmesi Müdürlüğü Izmir

Phones: +90.232.463 16 00

Fax : +90.232.463 22 48


Port Facility : TCDD Liman İşletmesi Müdürlüğü Izmir

Statement No : 1835089

Level : 1

PFSA date : 30/12/2004

PFSO : Mr.Serdal Ensari

Mobile : +90.505.251 12 19

               +90.232.464 77 84


Compulsory. Pilotage services is carried out by Turkish Maritime Organization


Compulsory for vessels over 2000GRT, which is carried by Izmir TCDD Port


1.026 - 1.0276

General Info

City of Izmir is situated in the western coast by the Aegean Sea . Izmir is the third largely populated city of Turkey and it is a business center. The port has an agricultural and industrial hinterland. It is the port for the Aegean Region's industry and agriculture and it plays a vital function in the country's exports. Ali different type of commodities and cargo groups are handled in the Port and port expansion studies are continued. The port is also connected with state railway and highway network.

Two reinforced concrete grain silos belonging to TMO (Turkish Grain Board) of having a total 70.000 tons capacity are available and there is a conveyor system connection with the quay.

As Izmir is very close to the tourism and historical places on the Eagean coast, the port has a substantial passenger traffic.


Berths               Purpose                                              LOA        Draft

No1                    Passanger                                           140 m         7,0 m

No2                    Passanger                                           190 m         8,5 m

No3                    General Cargo / Dry Bulk                  130 m       10,0 m

No4-5                General Cargo / Container                270 m       10,0 m

No6                    General Cargo / Container                   75 m       10,0 m

No7-8-9             General Cargo / Container                  372 m       10,0 m

No10-11-12       General Cargo / Container                  348 m         8,5 m

No13-14-15-16  General Cargo / Container                  600 m      10,0 m

No17-18-19       General Cargo / Container                  450 m       10,0 m

No20-21-22       General Cargo / Container / Ro-Ro  400 m       10,0 m

New Silo Pier     Grain / Dry Bulk                                220 m         9,8 m


· 1 unit floating crane of 90 tons capacity

· 5 units gantry cranes of 40 tons capacity

· 19 units rubber tired transtainers

· 20 units reach stackers of 25 to 42 tons capacity

· 20 units empty container forklifts of 8 to 10 tons capacity.

· 7 units shore and yard cranes of 3 to 25 tons

· 12 units mobile cranes of 5 to 25 tons capacity

· 20 units small masted forklifts are also available.

Working Hours

24 hours a day in 3 shifts (08:00-16:30, 16:30-00:30, 00:30-08:00) 


Compulsory. Collected by port Management


Minor repairs can be arranged via agent


Open closed ware houses available

Fresh Water

Availiable fm the quay or by truck


Availiable via agent


Availiable by truck only

Medical Facilities

State and Private Hospitals are available


The nearest international airport is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport with an approx distance of 40km