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Total Oil Turkey—Ambarli

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Lat : 40  26’ N      Long : 29  07’ E

Port Management

Total Oil Turkiye A.S.

Phones: +90.212.875 06 28

Fax : +90.212.875 06 47


Port Facility : Total Oil Turkiye A.S.

Statement No : 0234004

Level : 1

PFSA date : 05/07/2004

PFSO : Mr.E.Faik Sanyer

Mobile : +90.533.281 39 21

               +90.212.875 66 80


Compulsory. Pilotage services is carried out by Arpas Romorkaj Pilotaj Ticaret A.S.


3 tugs availiable to asist, which 2 Tugs of  30 Bollard Pull  and 1 tug of 55 Bollard Pull


1.014 - 1.016

General Info

Type of Terminal:  Clean Petroleum Products 

                                Gas OilG gasoline (PG,RG,UNL) Kerosene.

International:  1x22,000 m3 floating roof

                        2x5,500 m3 floating roof

Domestic: 1x2,500 m3 fixed roof

                 4x1,000 m3 fixed roof with internal floating roof

Slops: 2x150 m3 fixed roof

Future: Land Available for additional 40.000 m3

Berthing platform: 40,000 dwt max, no loa/width restriction

Mooring dolphins: inner 13 m draugth

                               outer 25 m draugth

                               overall length of offshore platform 200 m 























Technical Features

Tanks:  As per "API" standards.

            All product tanks are equıpped wıth fıre fıghtıng system.

Lıne system: Offshore pipeline is 1300m  (sea:500 m)

       1x6 /1x8/1x10 lines are available for loading and dischargıng vessels.

Meterıng system: 9 flow meters are available for truck loading,

                            1 flow meter on jetty for loadıng small quantity of products.

Loading/discharging : The maximum allowed ship's all pressure for all products ıs 150 Psig. The vessels are expected to generate min 100 Psıg rail pressure at which products may be discharged at 1,100 m3/hr rate. L

oadıng rates ıs 500 m3/hr.


Fire fighting system: 1x1000 m3 fresh water tank; 1x100 m3/hr & 1x50 m3/hr fresh water pump, 1x100 m3/hr diesel sea water pump, 1x75 m3 diesel sea water and 1x25 m3/hr electric sea water pumps on berthıng platform. 1 foam tank (7000 lt, 1 mobile monitor, hydrants and other tools.

Pumps:  5x200 m3/hr, 2x50 m3/hr product pump and 1x50 m3/hr slop pump.

Working Hours

24 hour


Access: sea/sea and sea/road access to both sides and ship to ship transfer are possible.

Services: storage of clean products, ship to ship transfer


Compulsory. Collected by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality with coordination of Port Complex Management


Minor repairs can be arranged via agent

Fresh Water

Availiable fm the by barge


Availiable via agent


Availiable by truck and/or barge

Medical Facilities

Port Facility has a small hospital for emergencies, State and Private Hospitals are available in the territory


The nearest international airport is İstanbul Ataturk Airport with an approx distance of 14km